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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jingle bells and those damn Elves

Hark the herald snow men  
Keh? Surely Christmas is way to early this year!

I live in Africa and there are no Reindeer in training for the oh so jolly season of Christmas parties, spending way too much money and drinking far too many "Cheers to next year" drinks.

We swim to beat off the heat, Braai (barbeque) thick juicy steaks and Boerewors to eat with crisp green salad and potato bakes and have generous amounts of tall, cold (clinkity clink) alcoholic beverages. 

Come Christmas Day and families gather for a big, all out, too much food feast - yet managing to force down generous portions of you Aunties yummy pudding. Names get pulled out of a hat and presents swopped, opened and put aside....need another drink after that cos you did not get what you hoped for. But, we have a great day melting in the sun - okay so a snow man would go down well round about then..only cos we could throw ourselves onto it to enjoy the cooling benefits of poor old Frosty. But...we do love to decorate the festive tree...even if it is a shop bought specimen, we go all out. 

These wonderful little Tree Dangles have been added to my growing collection of unique Christmas Decorations, along with my Dangling Drums that I made a few years back .. yes, I will post a "How To Make em" article next.

Jingles are fun and quick to make..but wait..there's more - just a few changes and you also get a smashing pair of earrings. All for only $3.00 and there is a further 10% off if you use Coupon Code 10!! 

The Elves? Well they are those little buggers that go into your closet and with their Christmas Elfish magic, make your clothes smaller - how nasty!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Free Beading Pattern for a Dress Ring

Well now, who does not like something for FREE?
I do and so should you. 

I have had this pattern in my stash for quiet some time - I used it as part of my "Getting to grips with Peyote" class when I used to teach....yes well, that was in the beginning before I realized that I did not enjoy teaching. 

I have learned that I do not have the patience for hands on, face to face teaching and I have no problem admitting that. I am ( as all of my friends will attest to) an upfront, forthright and honest person and can therefore be a tad rude if you do not understand what I am saying so I gave up teaching as a bad idea....for me anyway. I much prefer to pass my knowledge on in the form of well written patterns, drawings and instructions.

Yes, we all have our down sides and am certainly the first to put my hand up to admit my guilt in this department. However, I am also the first to give and share and yes, I have learned to do do so without denying myself along the way. Being a martar gets you burnt...ask Joan when next you see her :)

So, without further ado, here is a free pattern for you to make. Pull out (or buy) those interesting 2-hole watch spacers in your stash and make these quick and easy Dress Ring

Click here to download the free pattern.

Included in the pattern is a charted pattern for the ring with the flower motif - Enjoy
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