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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pattern Value

Perlen Poesie asked me to design something for their 11th edition and I went........BLANK! 

My design process is not a planned event. I sort of have an idea which color pallet/direction I want to play in and I tend to go to Cubic Right Angle Weave because I love the stitch so much......and then I wait, bead a bit, gather things I might use and stack them on my table....try this or that until I have a pile of UFO's in front of me. I then play with them, squint my eyes "see" what's happening until an idea or thought sets in.

By then I will have smoked (yes, yes....I know) the packet that my cigs came in and semi watched, or rather, listened to a TV program on Ancient Aliens, backwards, because I can see reflected  glimpses in the mirror next to me.....subtitles are a bit of a challenge but it keeps me looking in the direction I should be focusing on.                                                
                                                 So, when at last an idea becomes evident, another pile of UFO's join the first as I work things out and then, finally, It Happens. A design evolves and becomes reality. The thing is, I want "Pattern Value". 

More than 1 design must emerge from this process and so it was with Boleyn Cuff. Whilst beading the cuff, I saw/thought about how to create a 3D Cube and a Medieval Cross. The beauty is, once the cuff pattern had been written, I had the basics for the other 2 designs and all they needed were the extra bits to become 2 extra patterns....Pattern Value!!!!


The same thing happened 
when Steve Weiss of the Bead Smith approached myself and 27 other Designers to create something to showcase their stunning new  

I am not known for delicate and dainty work so, Thistle Cuff surprised me when it emerged.......and of course, the initial attempt, which curved too much became the Fan Pull. These 2 patterns are next in line for being written up and again, as I write up Thistle Cuff, the pattern for the Fan Pull will be done almost at the same time and I just know...there is a ring in there as well but by then, I will need to get a Bull Dozer to remove the residue of my Design Process!!!!!


Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

LOADS of pattern value, I'd say. and fantastic product as well! Your process feels pretty familiar to me, but you make so much more of your exercise by writing as you go. Someday, I will have to try that! :o)

Unknown said...

Thanks Marsha :)

NEDbeads said...

How I would love to be sitting by you while you dig through those piles of beads, lol!! You're a designing whirlwind, lady!!! LOVE all of your newest!! Mwah!!

Mikki said...

Well.....if I keep telling you how brilliant you are it just gets repetitive :) You know how I feel!!! I don't think it's so much "pattern value" as "pattern development". Sometimes a design feels it needs lots of brothers and sisters. Rock on, buddy <3

Bead Boutique KC said...

How fun! How beautiful! It all left me breathless.

Unknown said...

Well you know I love your designs and think of you as a friend so yes yes yes keep looking at those little beadies and using them to step up to the next one.

Callie Mitchell said...

Your design are always fresh and fascinating, Heather! Thanks for the peek into your process!

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Delightful patterns, the colors are terrific.

Heather, my old blog is being deleted...kindly re-follow on my new blog. Do not want to loose you.
Thank you,
-Eva Maria

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