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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pattern Value

Perlen Poesie asked me to design something for their 11th edition and I went........BLANK! 

My design process is not a planned event. I sort of have an idea which color pallet/direction I want to play in and I tend to go to Cubic Right Angle Weave because I love the stitch so much......and then I wait, bead a bit, gather things I might use and stack them on my table....try this or that until I have a pile of UFO's in front of me. I then play with them, squint my eyes "see" what's happening until an idea or thought sets in.

By then I will have smoked (yes, yes....I know) the packet that my cigs came in and semi watched, or rather, listened to a TV program on Ancient Aliens, backwards, because I can see reflected  glimpses in the mirror next to me.....subtitles are a bit of a challenge but it keeps me looking in the direction I should be focusing on.                                                
                                                 So, when at last an idea becomes evident, another pile of UFO's join the first as I work things out and then, finally, It Happens. A design evolves and becomes reality. The thing is, I want "Pattern Value". 

More than 1 design must emerge from this process and so it was with Boleyn Cuff. Whilst beading the cuff, I saw/thought about how to create a 3D Cube and a Medieval Cross. The beauty is, once the cuff pattern had been written, I had the basics for the other 2 designs and all they needed were the extra bits to become 2 extra patterns....Pattern Value!!!!


The same thing happened 
when Steve Weiss of the Bead Smith approached myself and 27 other Designers to create something to showcase their stunning new  

I am not known for delicate and dainty work so, Thistle Cuff surprised me when it emerged.......and of course, the initial attempt, which curved too much became the Fan Pull. These 2 patterns are next in line for being written up and again, as I write up Thistle Cuff, the pattern for the Fan Pull will be done almost at the same time and I just know...there is a ring in there as well but by then, I will need to get a Bull Dozer to remove the residue of my Design Process!!!!!

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