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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A feather in my Cap

I was super thrilled when Marcia DeCoster said she would like to do a blog on me. It's one of those things that happen to you, that makes you feel really great about what you do....and then a touch anxiety creeps in because you are also being "exposed" to people who have not heard of you before! But, it is very exciting because I do know, this is the next big "Push" in my life, in a series of pushes I have embraced in the last 14 months. 

I am mulling something over at the moment, but it needs some very careful concideration for me to make the right decision. If I decide to go ahead, there is then whether I downsize the idea or not........curious? Me too!

Thank you Marcia. Your philosophy of sharing knowledge is the same by which I try to live my own life. These are the keys that lead to true joy, happiness and great success :)
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Petra said...

I love your work and your tutorials!!
You deserve to be known by all the beaders over the world.
Have a nice sunday :-)

Greetings, Petra

Unknown said...

Thank you Petra :)

Anonymous said...

U deserve everything coming your way and more,I think u are the best designer ever,your patterns are easy to read and follow,even I can use them,your designs are outstanding. Thank u for introducing me into a world I had never given a thought to,thank u for everything u have taught me and continue teaching me,there is so much I have to thank u for just not enough place to write,I can

Unknown said...

Aah gee, thanks Vera (I know its you). I am really happy that beading is doing for you what it does for me. Luffs ya my mate :)

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Congratulations Heather...your beadworks are fabulous.
-Eva Maria

tnahowru said...

Hi Heather. Finished my sugar cube, and i will take a pic and show you.

I just added you to my blog, If you don't want me to do this, let me know.

also i can't add you as a friend (facebook), or send you a message for some reason, so would you add me. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather...great article on you by Marsha and well deserved!! You go beyond the norm with your designs...they are totally unique as well as being fun to make.


Shirley said...

Heather, since being "introduced" to you thru Nancy Dale's link to your CRAW video, I have been so extremely grateful. As a hobby beader, I am working on pushing myself to the next level, and it was immediately apparent to me that using your patterns will accomplish that for me. I am so thrilled there are new horizons for you to explore, just as you are providing new horizons for me. Thank you for sharing yourself and your talent.

Initial Charms said...

I like to add a little fancy little jewellery to my daily used stuff as just makes my boring life a little more interesting.Very nice key it.

dpadilla1 said...

Hi Heather I love your work. I reasently started my bead work again. I was living in an RV and didn't have room to Brad. Now we have a home again and I can bead again. I have an Android phone and can search the web it is wonderful. I found your site and fell in love with your jewelry. Bead work has really blossomed. I have been learning a lot from you. I want to try your patterns. I was really excited when I say you had a video for CRAW but on you tube it said you hadn't made it available for mobile phone use. I was wondering if you could list it again and make it available. I would so love to learn this stitch and hear you beautiful voice everyone spoke of. Thank you Debby

Unknown said...

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