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Sunday, September 22, 2013

25% off beading patterns

I am back again...peeping out at you, wondering what you are doing :)

I've been busy, beading up and writing a new 

Upper Crust

It's an extra wide cuff (over 2inches/6cm wide)  with super texture and...its easy to bead. 

I just love extra wide cuffs and this one really fits the bill for me. It has the width and the weight, it's not blingy (I'm just not that way inclined ) but it is super interesting with the textured layer that is added and it curls gently like and old friend around your wrist.

Now, If you are a blingy type of can play around with the pattern (once you have learned how to embellish this Pondo Cuff) and add sparkle and shine to your hearts content. 2mm crystals and tiny drops come to mind.....I would love to see what UPPER CRUST looks like all blinged up.....



If you are interested in grabbing the pattern, use my DISCOUNT CODE,  25CRUST and get 25% of the price of $8.00 ...that makes it only $6.00 for a whole lot of beading fun. You can also use the code for any of the patterns in my shops. Click on the links to the right and have Fun!

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