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Friday, April 27, 2012

My MoJo!

Okay settle down.....I have not risen from from my grave! Yes, I knoooow I take forever to write on my blog but, well, I get side tracked okay. Like by Gerlinde and I sitting down and planning our trip to Europe in Fall a bead meet up with Marcia DeCoster at Das Perlament and other beaders as well. We even have a name for our trip - EBL  Eat, Bead, Laugh.....mmm, maybe they make a movie....:)

We sat over a few coffee's and worked our overall budget requirements out. We pushed it as far as we could, given we have 17 months to save and intend having a healthy amount of  spending money at hand when we get there. We were so thrilled to have made this decision and working on current prices (and adding a percentage for the 17months), we have a good idea of costs of flights, accomodation and food. SORTED!

Weeeeeell, we had to change our plans. There is a well known bead shop in Bonn, owned by Petra Zimmer, whom I had contacted about the bead show called Das Perlament. It turns out, Das Perlament is the name of Petra's bead shop and not a bead show. We had to make a decision now. We want to go and experience the thrill of a Beadgasm when confronted with all things shiny and with holes in them. So, where else but The Bead & Button Show, June 2013. Yikes, The flights are more expensive but.....we need to do our EBL trip. 

We got onto the web, researched hotels (B&B discounts taken into account), food and the flights. We now have a confirmed budget and have started our countdown. Passports are both in order and we know how much our Visa's are going to cost us. We have also started listing what it is we are specifically looking for and watched the B&B Show for beginners video. Excellent advice given on how to get past the first row of vendours and not go crazy.

I managed to list my new pattern MoJo.  
Buy Pattern

It is a fun and versatile pattern, teaching you how to create intersting shapes. This one resulted from me not being very happy with the main piece. So, I played around, adding extra frames on the sides and...VOILA. Something unique :)


The Mechanics of CRAW
I have also started working on my E-Book on Cubic Right Angle weave techniques.

The first technique in the series is Connecting Frames and I have opted to make it FREE. Many of my patterns require this step and is therefore a "Good to Know" technique.

Click here to download the FREE Pattern 

My new pattern logo showing skill levels required

Have fun


Karin Slaton said...

Thanks much for the free tutorial, Heather. I just ordered MoJo from your shopand my head is spinning with ideas on how to use it!

Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Beautiful Pattern!!!!!!!

Tia W said...

Excellent tut. Thank you.

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Thank you for the to close the frame.
-Eva Maria

Marcia DeCoster said...

Crazy exciting ,can't wait and toy will still meet Petra....and maybe I'll even go to New York with you, I love New York. So exciting!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Ish... You will still meet Petra it should have said...

Unknown said...

Great work!!! I love your creations! Have a nice day. Yours, Doris

Unknown said...

Great work!!! I love your creations! Have a nice day. Yours, Doris

Envuelta en crema said...

GReat blog! I´m following you now!

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