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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time does not exist

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I know this for a fact!!! I have been working on the aesthetics of my own website and  every time I look up, time has disappeared and morphed into days, weeks and even months.  How is this possible when it was only yesterday that I started designing the graphic elements? Is it that long ago since I even wrote a pattern and why is Christmas just around the corner...AGAIN? 

I will be turning 60 in 8 years time and I dare not blink in case the years disappear and I have to blow out too many candles. Hopefully I will have had the time to clean the house, plant, grow, pick and eat the vegetables as well as remind my beading stash that I do still exist. 

I did try and travel back in time last night...we went to a farewell party and Nigel has a super awesome Juke Box with the biggest sound ever (poor neighbours). I  drank a good amount of youth inducing alcohol, which inspired me to indulge in dancing the night away with little regard to the visual impact I may be having on any spectators - I was having a ball and thoroughly enjoyed  a somewhat tentative grip on my "youth".......needless to say, I am shattered today and even tho I woke up early, the day has disappeared and so has the first half of this month and I think I just saw a Reindeer!!!!


Unknown said...

Good for you! It is always fun to capture a bit of youth even if you feel a little older the next day!

Unknown said...

A great work!

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