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Saturday, March 2, 2013

50 reasons to celebrate

 Yes, I am still around...somewhere:)

Its like pulling hen's teeth getting me to sit down, be quite and actually blog. I somehow find this side of my "business" very difficult to do!. So many things distract me waaaay to easily. Let's see....there's baking a yummy cake on a Wednesday, to take to my pottery class on a Thursday - I spend the entire day there mucking about with pliable and (mostly) obedient clay, trying to create something beautiful at the end. I can afford to spend this day doing just this because...I GAVE UP SMOKING 6 MONTH AGO! That also explains why I am baking cakes ..... my mouth wants, no, neeeeeeeds to have a delicious slice (or more) of heaven to lovingly chew on and savour. A reward that is certainly not doing my waistline any favours at all:(

Razzle Cuff
Navigator Cuff
Make no mistake...I am super happy that I stopped smoking. Everything smells and tastes better. It also is six months ago that I had the op that saved my life and I am just as happy to be alive!!!!! what's not so cool is that I have been in design limbo for the same length of time. I had 2 ops in the space of 9 months and my motivation and drive seem to have gone into hibernation.  I have 2 beading designs ..... half written up and I am finding it hard to finish the patterns - like I have writers block or maybe it is just lazilightis. 

So, blogging is the first step to sorting out my stupid affliction and the next is to put up a HUGE celebrate 1/2 a year of living a new life, smoke free. So, without further ado......

50% off all my patterns in my celebrate 1/2 a year of

Now, there will only be 10 of each pattern available so I suggest you get in whilst they are available. 

Use coupon code CELEBRATION at check out and receive 50% off!!
 This sale is effective from 2nd March 2013 and there are only 10 of each pattern available in each of my shops. WARNING!!! the last time I had a big sale like this....patterns sold out very quickly..


Miss Val's Creations said...

These patterns are beautiful! Congratulations on being 6 months smoke free. Creativity is a great distraction from the deadly cigarette!

Silvì said...

Gli schemi sono bellissimi e grazie per lo sconto. Complimenti di non fumare da 6 mesi! Un bel traguardo. Un abbraccio

Helen said...

So great to hear from you. I've been checking your blog and hoping you were well. Congratulations on your "new" life and being smoke free. I am also a proud ex-smoker.

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