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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just a random quickie

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Yep, winter is trying to push it's foot into the door. Not that I am complaining...summer was a real tart this year, all hot and steamy, which is the last thing you want when menopause is your new 'best friend'. Yeah well, as they say, 'Life moves on'. 

It is now 8 months since I stopped smoking (can you believe it?) and it seems that I may have finally stopped putting on the extra weight. I should not be too unhappy about it...I only regained the weight I lost prior to quitting and it seems to be sitting there now...yay. 

Sooooo, I have been floating quite a bit since I got out of hospital last year. My Mojo has been in hiding and I even took up pottery in November to try and pry it out into the open. I majored in ceramics back in '78 and '79 but I only have memories of the parties that come with being an art student - I have never been fond of actual studying, I am a hands on kind of person ;)
However, I was asked to submit a piece into the Regional Ceramics exhibiton, which I did, and it was accepted...and someone bought it on the 1st day! I was well pleased with that and even did my bit by doing exibition duty at the museum. There were many other exhibitions on at the same time so it was fun having a walkabout after my duty was over. A little bit of culture never harmed anyone eh?

One of my personal favourites is this round little vessel that I made. I could not submit it because it had a crack along the inner rim. I prefer that it has a home here with me.

I am also having fun playing with my picasa photo editor

So, the weekend is over and I am busy finishing off the pattern for my Navigator Cuff. It will eventually be done when I stop all the mucking about...but, life is for living and I do my very best to have a great life without causing any harm to man or beast. This does however mean that time runs away from me and things take their own sweet time. Oh well, nobody is perfect ;)    
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